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As our skincare line developed over the years, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our genuine interest in taking clients’ feedback. Clients who have seen us grow have witnessed numerous improvements to our products – from their formulation, texture & scent, down to their packaging. With our latest rebranding to Forest MD, we are pleased to share the few changes that we’ve implemented based on what we hear on the ground.

1. Airless Pump Bottles

Forest MD products contain no harsh chemical preservatives, and can be more prone to contamination and oxidation when packaged in conventional tubs and bottles if one is not careful when handling them. Cross contamination from skin to bottle happens occasionally, especially so for products that come in glass dropper bottles.

With the Forest MD rebrand, we have changed the standard packaging for all our essences, serums and moisturisers into airless pump bottles. The airless pump technology creates a sealed chamber with a vacuum in the bottle; that means less chances of contamination and oxidation of the products within, ensuring product freshness with each pump!

2. Bottle Slits

“I will only realise that I’ve run out of the product when nothing comes out from the bottle anymore, and I’ll need to go without it for a few days till I find the time to repurchase.”

One common feedback from clients was how they had difficulty determining how much product was left in their opened skincare bottles. With Forest MD’s packaging, we have deliberately created a slit on the back of the bottles for better visibility of remaining products. Clients will be able to tell at a glance when their favourite skincare is running low, and can shop online to have the next bottle sent to them within 3 working days.

Tip: For better product longevity, ensure that your skincare products are front-facing when storing them at your vanity areas. This prevents light from entering the bottles through the slits on the back, as light can sometimes cause active ingredients in the products to oxidise faster.

3. Hygiene Seals

All Forest MD products come in beautifully designed boxes, closed off with a hygiene seal that is gold-stamped with our distinct brand logo. This hygiene seal provides clients with the assurance that the product packed within is brand new and never tampered with. This seal is also designed to be intentionally perforated such that clients are able to easily break the seal with a light press of their finger.

Love our products or have suggestions for us to improve them further? Feel free to bring up your feedback to any of our friendly staff and you might just see them being implemented at our next round of product development!

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