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Entering Your Fabulous Fifties

It’s all about hydration, retaining moisture, and protecting the skin barrier. Remember that well-hydrated skin = youthful skin! With each decade from 50, expect your skin to become increasingly dry due to the more pronounced impact of declining estrogen.

Expect increasing sensitivity, itching (at times), and more fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, be careful not to overuse acids (alpha hydroxy acids) and retinol, which may further damage the skin barrier, causing even more sensitivity (That well-known anti-ageing retinol product is not suited for everyone!). Start using a face oil – this acts as a powerful sealant and protectant and is often a lifesaver for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin.

Read on below for a skincare regime developed for people entering and in one of the best decades of their lives.

Feeling confused about your skincare?

Let us create a personalised routine to help guide you towards youthful, healthier skin.

Skincare in Your 50s - Forest MD's Daily Routine for Radiant Skin

Step One


In the morning, use the PURE & GENTLE CLEANSING FOAM to protect your skin’s moisture barrier and prevent dryness, sensitivity and irritation.


In the evening, switch to the EXFOLIATING MOUSSE CLEANSER. It gently exfoliates and promotes skin cell renewal with Oryza sativa rice bran.

Step Two


After cleansing, apply the HYDRATING SOOTHING ESSENCE to calm and soften your skin.


In the evening, add a few drops of INTENSIVE LOTUS WHITE OIL to the Essence in your hand and gently massage onto your face and neck.

Step Three


Apply the ASTA COLLAGEN JELLY SERUM to boost collagen, brighten, and soothe skin. Remember to gently apply around the eyes to reduce dark circles and fine lines.


Apply the NUTRIENT SERUM to hydrate, lighten, and improve skin tone. Remember to gently apply it around the eyes and neck to minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

Step Four


Apply the STEM CELL SLEEPING MASK overnight to soothe, hydrate, and energise your skin. Remember to gently apply it around the eyes to reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a smooth, glowing, and revitalised complexion in the morning.

Step Five

Achieve beautifully hydrated and radiant skin with MURU MURU AGE-DEFY CREAM. This anti-ageing moisturiser is suitable for all skin types, especially moderately dry and sensitive skin.

Step Six


Nourish and protect your skin with SILK SUNSCREEN SPF 60+. This antioxidant-rich, high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen is sheer, ultra-light, and doubles as a makeup primer, providing all-in-one skincare benefits for your daily routine.

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