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Hydrating Soothing Essence & Stem Cell Sleeping Mask

“My skin looks and feels best when I use these two products every night. They work synergistically and help to stabilize my breakout-prone skin, reduce wrinkles around the eyes, and make my skin look more hydrated and glowing. These two products, together with sleeping early, are a game-changer!”

Skin Type: Combination, pimple & pigment-prone
Skin Concerns: Melasma, Clogged pores


Team Picks - Dr Yeoh

Muru Muru Age-defy Cream

My all-time favourite moisturiser. Using it day and night, it locks in moisture, and my skin feels hydrated and soft.  And I love the light citrus scent.”

Skin Type: Normal to dry
Skin Concerns: Fine lines, Ageing


Team Picks - CE

Hydrating Soothing Essence With A Few Drops Of Intensive White Lotus Oil

“It’s my travel go-to! Applying this duo-combo locks in my skin’s moisture and forms a comfortable protective barrier that takes me from take-off to touch-down, and adventures beyond. My skin remains supple, hydrated and protected, even in the midst of a cold Lapland winter holiday. It’s helpful on the neck and hands too!”

Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive
Skin Concerns: Skin reacts poorly to change in climate and the stress of travelling


Dr Chung Wan Ling

Hydrating Soothing Essence & Nutrient Serum

“Hydrating Soothing Essence combined with Nutrient Serum helps my skin maintain its hydro balance. My skin feels softer, hydrated, and looks brighter after a week of continuously using it twice a day. I find this duo very good to bring to travels and it works as a skin-brightening replacement if I don’t have time to do facials. It helps to minimize fine lines too!”

Skin Type: Normal to dry skin
Skin Concerns: Skin Dryness, Dull skin, Clogged pores


Team Picks - Loren

Deep Pore Cleansing Foam & Nutrient Serum

“Having sensitive and acne-prone skin, it isn’t easy to find suitable skincare. After using this skincare duo (cleanser and serum), my skin feels smoother and fresher than before, without experiencing any itching and redness. My acne outbreaks have also been controlled, thanks to Deep Pore Cleansing Foam.”

Skin Type: Sensitive, Acne-prone
Skin Concerns: Skin dryness, Acne, and redness


Team picks- Shelly

Blemish Clarifying Lotion

“As someone who likes to switch up my skincare products to try out different things, the Blemish Clarifying Lotion has been the only constant in my skincare regime since I was introduced to it 3 years ago. Why? Because I never found the need to. 

This lightweight, minty-fresh smelling formula has stabilised my acne-prone skin so much over the years that I barely even get a breakout anymore (not even the dreaded maskne during the pandemic). When patients ask me for skincare recommendations for their teenage children struggling with acne, I’m always excited to recommend this with absolute confidence that it would make a difference to their skin. 🙂 ”

Skin Type: Oily, Acne-prone
Skin Concerns: Clogged pores, Acne


Team Picks - Clarice

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Winner of Best Skincare 2023, Best Sleeping Mask & Best Breakthrough Award by Beauty Insider

Powered by stem cells from rare heirloom Swiss apples, Forest MD Stem Cell Sleeping Mask is more than just a skincare product—it’s a multipurpose solution for your skin’s needs. This refreshing gel is an anti-ageing serum, soothing mask, hydrating overnight treatment, and eye treatment gel all in one!