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Born of a Doctor's Care and Experience

The seeds of Forest MD were sown around a decade and a half ago, at Dr Isabelle Yeoh’s aesthetics clinic.

Back then, Dr Yeoh noticed an increasing number of patients developing skin irritation, acne and sensitivity after using over-the-counter toiletries. Many cosmeceutical and anti-ageing products at the time involved scrubs, alpha hydroxy acid and retinoic acid, which can be harsh on more delicate skins. Allergenic ingredients, like sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, synthetic fragrances and preservatives, were also common.

To help her patients, Dr Yeoh began working with experienced chemists in Korea and Singapore to create a better alternative.

This led to the birth in 2009 of what would eventually become Forest MD.

Medical Grade Clean Beauty

In line with Dr Yeoh’s lifelong belief in healthy living and clean beauty, Forest MD products were formulated to contain all of the good, and none of the bad.

They were packed with medical-grade plant actives at a sufficiently high dose to make a difference. At the same time, they were free of harsh and allergenic substances and artificial chemicals. They also had a luxurious feel and light, non-greasy textures.

The products were a hit right away. Patients loved that they were gentle, and non-irritating, yet effective in addressing both ageing or sensitive skin concerns. Although initially intended as aftercare for patients undergoing aesthetic procedures, often the products found a permanent place in patients’ daily skincare routines.


Real Results

Soon, it became apparent that there was a wider demand for Dr Yeoh’s products.

There was a gap in the market for skincare products that were not only gentle and natural, but which also produced real results in a clinical setting. Most natural or organic products tended to work well for those with good skin, but seldom made a difference where there were actual skin concerns. This was because their active ingredients were not concentrated enough to impact skin health.

Dr Yeoh’s products filled this need, with their high-dose plant-based skin actives and doctor-curated formulations.


Over some 13 years of R&D and refinement, Dr Yeoh and her team developed new additions to the line. Every product included anti-aging benefits and several multi-tasking items were designed to address multiple skin concerns simultaneously.

During this period, Forest MD products were certified cruelty-free by PETA. In addition, independent clinical trials proved the effectiveness of Forest MD’s star products, with 100% of test subjects saying their skin looked visibly younger, clearer and more resilient after a month of use.

Now, these same products loved by Dr Yeoh’s patients for years, have been made available to the wider public. With this, the Forest MD team hopes that anyone can be empowered to achieve great skin that’s healthier and more youthful.

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Winner of Best Skincare 2023, Best Sleeping Mask & Best Breakthrough Award by Beauty Insider

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