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The Doctor Behind The Brand A Trusted Doctor For Close To 20 Years

Dr Isabelle Yeoh is the medical director and founder of IYAC Aesthetic Clinic and IYAC Medspa at Singapore’s Camden Medical. She received her medical degree at Trinity College Dublin, and is a board-certified member of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine.

For the last two decades, Dr Yeoh and her dedicated team have grown IYAC from a boutique practice to a fully comprehensive aesthetic clinic and medspa offering face, hair and body services. Word of mouth has kept the practice going strong over the years with many regular local and overseas clients.


The human body has the ability to heal itself, given the right nutrients and environment.

– Dr Yeoh

Growing up in a family of medical professionals, Dr Yeoh learnt that the secrets of good health and longevity lie in nutrition. She saw first-hand the dramatic transformations one could achieve using food and vitamin supplements to help the body heal itself. This went on to shape her overall approach to practising medicine. It also led to her incorporating natural, preventative and integrative medicine into her practice wherever possible.

For instance, if you see her with a case of acne, she’s likely to screen your diet and recommend cutting out dairy, before prescribing a skincare routine. For melasma, she might look at how to make changes in your daily routine for better sleep, before recommending a series of laser treatments.

Beauty now is much more conscious and less two-dimensional. People don’t just want to look good — they want to be healthy inside.

– Dr Yeoh

When it comes to skincare, Dr Yeoh’s philosophy is simple: Just as our bodies need clean, healthy food to function optimally, so our skin needs proper nutrition to transform itself and be in the best condition possible.

At the same time, whatever we feed our skin should be free of toxic chemicals that can harm our health and the environment.

This, and a belief in the healing powers of nature, inspired the creation of Forest MD.

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