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Skincare is overwhelming. The sheer number of products available will confuse even the most beauty-savvy consumer. Dr. Isabelle Yeoh strips it down to the basics and tells you everything you need to know to simplify your routine.

Dr. Yeoh: In the morning, you should cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply sunscreen. Even on the busiest mornings, don’t skip your sunscreen. Sun exposure is the most damaging thing to your skin health. Repeat at night: cleanse, tone, and moisturise.

However, if you lead a busy, stressful life as most of us do nowadays, the basic three-step regime may no longer give optimal results. Today’s essential must-haves would then consist of a cleanser, essence or serum, eye cream, moisturiser, and sunscreen. In addition, hydrating (sleeping) masks and oils are now a staple in our daily routine, as they help significantly counter the ageing effects of stress, pollution, poor sleep, and hectic schedules.

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