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In your teens, surging hormones in puberty result in those red, angry, painful lesions called acne. Start learning to care for your skin. We recommend starting good habits around 12 years old.

Feeling confused about your skincare?

Let us create a personalised routine to help guide you towards youthful, healthier skin.

Step One

Use the PURE & GENTLE CLEANSING FOAM to protect your skin’s moisture barrier and prevent dryness, sensitivity and irritation.

Step Two

Apply the BLEMISH CONTROL ESSENCE after cleansing to gently exfoliate and unclog pores.

Step Three


Moisturise with the BLEMISH CLARIFYING LOTION to help heal pimples and blemishes faster and prevent future breakouts.


Hydrate your skin with the ULTRA-LIGHT NUTRIENT LOTION, an oil-free and weightless moisturiser that firms, smooths, and calms your skin.



Nourish and protect your skin with SILK SUNSCREEN SPF 60+. This antioxidant-rich, high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen is sheer, ultra-light, and doubles as a makeup primer, providing all-in-one skincare benefits for your daily routine.

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Two words – Sleep & Sunscreen.
We cannot stress enough how much a good night’s sleep is the best way to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Your body needs sleep to repair cell damage. It’s the best way to destress, boost mental and emotional well-being, and make one look good and feel healthy!

Wearing sunscreen is non-negotiable. Yes, even in your 50s, sunscreen can prevent skin damage. A study published in 2013 by a group of Australian scientists showed that sunscreen’s anti-ageing properties work well into your 50s! As for the rest of your regime, choose skincare that is free of harmful irritants, hydrates, and soothes dry patches.