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It’s tough enough being pregnant and dealing with all the hormonal and physical changes this brings. You don’t need the added stress of worrying if your skincare is safe for your little one. Let us help with some quick tips on the dos and don’ts of pregnancy-safe skincare!

First: Make sure your skincare doesn’t include any pregnancy no-nos

Check the ingredients list of your regular products and medications. Stop using any that contain

– oral retinoids
– topical retinol
– hydroquinone
– benzoyl peroxide
– salicylic acid
– tretinoin or isotretinoin (both are retinoids derived from Vitamin A)

Like alcohol, sashimi and that medium-rare steak, these substances are not safe for use during pregnancy, and must be avoided.

Forest MD does not contain ANY of the above substances. Nonetheless, there are three of our products that we advise pregnant women not to use—our Nutrient Serum, Stem Cell Repair Essence and Blemish Control Essence. See our FAQ for other Forest MD products you can substitute instead.

Next: Follow these pregnancy-safe tips for your skin condition

Next, here are tips for pregnancy-safe solutions to some common skin concerns. Click the skin concerns you have below to expand for tips and product recommendations!

When looking for a face moisturizer, go for products that contain hyaluronic acid. Naturally present as a lubricant in our body’s tissues, hyaluronic acid is safe for pregnancy, and will plump the skin while fighting the fine lines. 

Other ingredients to look out for include silk crystal, a form of natural silk protein, which helps smooth and soften skin, and tremella mushrooms, a superfood mushroom that helps fight inflammation and boost hydration, as well as muru muru butter, an intense moisturizer.

Pregnancy-safe products recommended for dry skin:

– Try Forest MD’s Hydrating Soothing Essence, a nourishing concoction of silk crystal, tremella mushroom, ginseng, chamomile and other natural ingredients. Use before moisturizer to boost hydration. 

– Add on our Muru Muru Age Defy Cream afterwards, for weightless moisture and an enhanced anti-ageing. 

Isn’t it heartening to know that even when you are pregnant or breastfeeding, there are safe ingredients out there to address your skin’s needs? 

Now you know you can have yummy mummy skin, and still keep baby safe!

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