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Teens’ Blemish Rescue Set

Healing, acne-fighting rescue kit

Pimples and redness standing in the way of your teenage dream? Harsh medicated creams only triggering your skin further?

Heal your skin with our heroic acne-fighting duo, packed with medical-grade botanicals to soothe and purify!

After cleansing, apply the Blemish Control Essence on the whole face, followed by the Blemish Clarifying Lotion on problem areas, and a light moisturiser.

With regular use, blemishes are reduced. Skin looks calmer, clearer and softer, all without dryness, redness or irritation.


  • Blemish Control Essence: Unclogs pores, reduces unhealthy bacteria and fungal growth, balances oil production
  • Powered by: salix nigra bark, succinic acid, witch hazel, clove oil, bakuchiol and sodium PCA
  • Blemish Clarifying Lotion: Heals blemishes without drying skin out, calms inflammation, reduces the risk of scarring. Encourages regeneration of healthy skin, strengthens skin’s defence 1against future breakouts

Powered by: silk crystal, tea tree oil, ginseng and elm extract




This Set includes the following products:

  • Blemish Control Essence

    Blemish-fighting toner for sensitive skin

    49 in stock

  • Blemish Clarifying Lotion

    Acne-fighting, healing rescue treatment

    95 in stock

49 in stock

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