Anti-Ageing Night Set

Boosts nightly repair and rejuvenation

To achieve beautiful skin, proper hydration is essential, particularly for dry and ageing skin. One effective technique is layering. Start with a gentle cleanser to cleanse your skin, then follow with a hydrating essence, serum or oil to seal in moisture, and finish with a moisturiser. This layering method ensures your skin receives the necessary hydration, resulting in a smooth, radiant, and healthy complexion. Don’t forget to incorporate a nightly sleeping mask for added hydration and rejuvenation benefits.

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This Set includes the following products:

  • Exfoliating Mousse Cleanser

    2-in-1 anti-ageing cleanser and polisher

    50 in stock

  • Hydrating Soothing Essence

    Hydrates, calms and revitalises

  • Intensive White Lotus Oil

    Rich, calming deep hydration

    98 in stock

  • Nutrient Serum

    Oil-free anti-ageing and brightening booster

    78 in stock

  • Stem Cell Sleeping Mask

    Clinically-proven anti-ageing, firming and soothing

  • Muru Muru Age-Defy Cream

    Exceptional hydration, anti-ageing and repair


49 in stock

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