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Pigment Prone Starter Set

Brightens and refines skin tone

This is a great starter set for anyone looking to target sun spots or age spots, and enhance the skin’s defences against pollution, climate and stress.

It includes three products that contain potent complexion brighteners, anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants from nature. Free of harsh chemicals, acids or retinoids, they are gentle and suitable for even for sensitive skin.

Regular use helps minimise the appearance of dark spots and helps promote a more even, radiant skin tone.


  • Stem Cell Repair Essence: 2-in-1 anti-ageing toner and mist that boosts cell repair and increases skin’s resilience against pollution, climate, ageing and stress
    • Powered by: Swiss apple stem cells, Swiss garden cress, arbutin, biomimetic peptides, Swiss stone pine and aloe-moss extracts, hyaluronic acid
  • Asta Collagen Jelly Serum: High-protein, super-antioxident serum to improve every aspect of skin health. Refreshes and de-puffs around the eyes. Firms, brightens and lifts the face
    • Powered by: astaxanthin, vitamin C, centella asiatica, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), hyaluronic acid, tremella mushroom, pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), madecassoside, silk crystal and ceramides
  • Muru Muru Age-Defy Cream: Weightless yet effective hydration, skin repair and protection against oxidative stress and ageing for even the most delicate complexions
    • Powered by: muru muru butter, Swiss apple stem cells, snow algae powder, cactus stem cells and Swiss garden cress


This Set includes the following products:

  • Stem Cell Repair Essence

    Brightens, smooths wrinkles and nourishes

  • Asta Collagen Jelly Serum

    Firming, brightening and lifting (Topical use only)

  • Muru Muru Age-Defy Cream

    Exceptional hydration, anti-ageing and repair


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