Pigment Prone

The secret to beautiful skin is hydration. Therefore, dry skin types need as much moisture as possible. The trick is to layer – after cleansing with a cream cleanser, use a toner for dry skin, followed by serum or oil which acts as a sealant, and finish off with moisturizer. Even with a moisture-packed regimen, this skin type loses water. Overcome this by using a hydrating mask twice weekly.

The following products help to support the treatments done in the clinic by preventing recurrence of pigmentation during and after the treatment program. As exposure to sunlight will always lead to repigmentation of the treated areas; Sun Avoidance + Daily Sunscreen + Protective Clothing (e.g. wearing a hat) is crucial for maintaining results and preventing recurrence.

Note: Prescription lightening creams are available in the clinic for pigment caused by sun damage, acne and hormonal changes.

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