The 30s & 40s Night Set

Super-charge repair and rejuvenation for a healthy, refreshed complexion

Skin cell turnover starts to slow, pigments begin to appear, and one may notice mild cheek sagging indicating the start of collagen loss. This is the right time to start exfoliating (to maintain fresh-looking skin) and start using a serum (to stimulate collagen & reduce pigmentation) and eye cream (to banish dark circles).

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This Set includes the following products:

  • Exfoliating Mousse Cleanser

    2-in-1 anti-ageing cleanser and polisher

    50 in stock

  • Hydrating Soothing Essence

    Hydrates, calms and revitalises

  • Nutrient Serum

    Oil-free anti-ageing and brightening booster

    78 in stock

  • Stem Cell Sleeping Mask

    Clinically-proven anti-ageing, firming and soothing

  • Ultra-Light Nutrient Lotion

    Super-light oil-free anti-ageing lotion


49 in stock

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